What is the Presbyterian Pilgrimage or Cursillo?
Presbyterian Pilgrimage is a disciple-building process designed to deepen your relationship with Christ and give you tools to enable you to live a balanced Christian life in your daily affairs. Presbyterian Pilgrimage begins with a three-day retreat of spiritual renewal, and it can continue to enrich your life every day thereafter.

What is the vision and mission of the Presbyterian Pilgrimage?

  The Vision of Presbyterian Pilgrimage is to share with all Christians a disciple-building process designed to deepen relationships with Christ while providing tools to enable participants to live a balanced Christian life in their daily affairs.
The Mission of Presbyterian Pilgrimage is to prayerfully invite prospective participants to a three-day retreat of spiritual renewal, and use that as a basis to continue to enrich the life of participants every day thereafter.

Who May Attend the Presbyterian Pilgrimage?

​  The weekend is intended for Christians who already have faith and who seek continued growth and commitment in that faith. The goal is to guide participants into an even closer and more personal relationship with Christ and to heighten their joy, deepen their faith and invigorate their life in Christ.

Pilgrimage intends to return the participants to all the environments in which they have influence and to affect those environments in a Christian manner. Men and women, single or married, of any Christian denomination are welcome at Pilgrimage. Presbyterian Cursillo is limited to  Presbyterians only.

What happens at Pilgrimage?

  During the weekend, participants form a small Christian community, worship and study together and share with one another in order to gain a personal, living awareness of their faith and the joys and responsibilities such a faith brings. The weekend itself is centered around talks, with some given by lay people and some by clergy. After each talk the participants and staff, in small groups, interact and discuss the presentation. Worship, communion, small group interactions, lots of music and a number of fun events enhance the weekend experience.

The activities provide an opportunity for the participants to discover a new and exciting relationship with Christ and to encourage them to then take that newfound relationship back to their home, work and church environments. The 3-day weekend is just the beginning of a life-long process of deliberately and joyfully living the Christian life.

Each day of the weekend has a designated theme, and is centered on talks and discussions related to that theme. The talks pertain to different aspects of the Christian life. The daily themes are: 1) Liberation: understanding the obstacles that keep us from a full life in Christ; 2) Christ: encountering Jesus, our living Lord, anew; 3) Christian Life: inspiring and equipping us to follow Christ in our world; and 4) Perserverance: deepening our determination and commitment to following Christ.
What happens after the Pilgrimage?

The 3-day weekend is the beginning of the rest of your life, what we call The 4th Day. What you experience during the weekend is intended to be taken and put into practice in your own congregation and community.

You will be supported by many others who have attended a Pilgrimage (or other similar) weekend. We encourage participants to participate in small groups after their weekend, to reinforce one another and to share the Christian experience. Larger groups meet from time to time to share the joy and fellowship of their faith.

The objective of Pilgrimage is to inspire, challenge and equip each local church member to Christian action in their local church, in their home, in their place of work, their community, and the world.

Upcoming Pilgrimage Weekends

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